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As investor and business partner we are looking for different opportunities than most other incubators or venture firms you may have contacted already.
Target Profile

As venture firm we are different to most other parties you can work with. We may contribute money and mentoring but we also have a versatile cloud technology platform that our partners can leverage.

The target profile for companies we want to engage with differs therefore from most VCs or Business Angels. We are not looking for founders with the newest and coolest mobile app or the next big photo, shopping or streaming portal.

The companies and teams we are interested to work with are best described as follow:

  • Business driven, experienced entrepreneurs or executives. No first time business people.
  • Subject matter experts team. Not just software geeks.
  • Business-to-business solution. No consumer play.
  • Cloud delivered solution is key to success. No mobile toys. No games.
  • Your business fits into one or more of these categories:
    • Supports large communities
    • Delivers and manages services and subscriptions
    • Uses mobile and web delivered apps
  • Well understood target markets. No 'one-size-fits-all' apps.
  • Executable business plan. No day dream catchers.

If this high level outline describes your case, please contact us. We will look at every proposal we receive and give you an initial response within 48 business hours for sure.

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