About us
About us
Funding is needed to seed. Technology is needed to harvest. We can provide both.
We invest in B2B companies looking to build a business leveraging a cloud platform.
Our experience, technology and business network can help you to deliver your solution faster while building up shareholder value.
About wiora Ventures
wiora Ventures strategically invests in companies with innovative business strategies leveraging a cloud delivered backend platform. We position ourselves as Investor for Cloud Ventures and Accelerator for Cloud Solutions. As investor we contribute financial means. As a business partner we offer strategic advice and operational support and as a technology provider we offer our cloud solutions platform Collios that covers at least 75% of all function that every cloud delivered solution requires. 

wiora Ventures is uniquely positioned:
  • As investor, we either aim to become a minority shareholder in the business or receive a portion of the revenues generated with the products we support. 
  • As technology provider we can grant our partners a Collios Shared Source Code (CSSC) license that enables them to exit the business without constrains on the software IP.  
  • As advisors we benefit from our vast experience to start and grow cloud solutions and to build the business.
We only work with a selective group of companies and we guarantee non-compete arrangements, by which we voluntarily limit our market. That's why we select the companies we invest in very carefully. We do not apply the typical success vs. failure rates math most other VCs, incubators or accelerators would apply.

We partner and syndicate with other investors, either by joining them in their ventures or by bringing them to our deals. Networking with other investors and strategic partners is very important to us and very beneficial to the companies and leadership teams we engage with.

How we became wiora Ventures
The early years
We started the company in 2006 after five very successful years at Altiris (now part of Symantec). During these five years, we were part of the global and European executive team. Under our leadership, Altiris in Europe started from zero to 60 employees and grew to 21 million dollars in revenue in 2 years. On a global scale we contributed to 2 successful public offerings at NASDAQ and 5 acquisitions.

The initial business model of wiora had two pillars that we benefit from to date: Subsidiary Housing and Business Incubation: In our subsidiary housing division we helped US domestically focused businesses to expand to Europe; as Business Incubator we focused on IP licensed from US Universities, built a company around it and grew it to a point where the business could be acquired by another entity. Between 2006 and 2008 we successfully started and closed various transactions.

wiora Channel Partners
The 2008/2009 crisis forced us to revisit our business model. The market for our business incubation model collapsed within days and we decided to focus on the subsidiary housing model. We repositioned the company using "wiora Channel Partners" as our leading corporate brand and focused on services to help our clients grow their international sales channels. In addition to US companies we started to develop services for European companies interested to expand to new markets. We engaged into partnerships with leading financing and business development firms that were complementary to us. As a result of our work in this phase we helped various management teams to exit and sell their business to market leading entities, including brand names like Citrix and Kaspersky. Early in 2015 we spun off the channel development business into a separate company named channelXperts GmbH. See www.channelxperts.com for more information.

The day-to-day work of developing sales channels, winning partners and educating them is a valuable, irreplaceable asset for every vendor. It consists of clearly definable processes that can greatly benefit from automation, tracking and consistent messaging. A well manage channel leverages the sales team and helps vendors grow in vertical and horizontal markets normally beyond their reach. Our passion for efficiency drove us to find out how a technology platform could help us as a service provider and our customers as solution vendors to grow faster, more predictable and more sustainable. We used all our subject matter experience to create Channelplace, which is to date the most affordable, most complete and most compelling Partner Collaboration Platform available in a SaaS model. More information about Channelplace is available at www.channelplace.net. Also, the Channelplace project has been very influential in creating the Collios platform, as many of the concepts of Collios could be validated by Channelplace as the production blueprint.
wiora Ventures GmbH
Ostbahnstr. 17
76829 Landau
Represented by the managing directors
Volker Wiora and Ilga Gröschel
Phone: +49 6341 / 994970
Fax: +49 6341 / 994971

Register of Companies: Landau/Pfalz
Registration number: HRB 30122

VAT ID: DE250164926

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